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Wedding Day Bridal Tips | 5 Things Brides Forget to Bring On Their Wedding Day


After having photographed quite a few weddings by now (and having my own wedding to learn from) I have comprised a list of a few things I have noticed are easily forgotten to bring to a wedding day.
1. Invitations
This is a big one. You spend so much time picking out the PERFECT invitation to match your wedding day, you send out the invitations and then forget to take a photo of them! I like to highly encourage my brides to bring it with them to the wedding day so I can include it when I photograph all the other details.
2. Pretty Dress Hanger
So many times I have seen blog posts from other wedding days and I notice the dress picture has a cheap plastic hanger holding the most GORGEOUS ballroom dress and it totally throws it off! I was caught looking at the hanger when I should’ve been staring at the stunner of a dress! When you have your beautiful gown hanging, you should have a beautiful hanger to compliment it. But don’t worry brides, just in case it slips your mind to bring it, I always bring an extra pretty white hanger in my car! (I got your back!)
3. Pair of Comfy Shoes
So the ceremony is over, all the formal photos have been taken and it’s time to get down on the dance floor with your besties. However, you’ve been in those stiletto heels for what seems like 10 hours and your feet are killing you! Be sure to pack a pretty pair of flats for the reception and give your feet a break. You don’t want to be secretly in pain when you’re trying to enjoy chatting with guests.
4. An Emergency Kit
A sewing kit, bobby pins, safety pins, Tide pen (stain-remover), tissues, face-mist, small scissors, double-sided tape, mini deodorant, nail-filer – are just a few things you might need on the wedding day. Hopefully your wedding planner might bring these things in case you forget, but it’s always good to put on the list of things not to forget!
5. TO EAT!
Last but CERTAINLY not least. You need to eat!! There is nothing scarier watching a bride faint on a wedding day. Or worse, feeling too weak and tired on your wedding night! I try and remind brides throughout the day to munch on something but you especially want to eat before the makeup goes on! Although, on my own wedding day, it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind to eat but I sure did have about 10 people reminding me OVER and OVER. I’m definitely thankful they had my best interest at heart though. We had a big meal at our reception, and then after a few more hours of dancing, and an hour drive in the car to get to our B&B, we were SO thankful our wedding planner had snuck more food in the limo so we could have a late night snack by the hot tub. (Random side note: hug your wedding planners, they are doing more behind the scenes to make your day perfect than you will EVER realize.)

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