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Wedding Day Bridal Tips | 4 Things You Need Your Maid of Honor To Do on Your Wedding Day

So you’re wedding day is here and you (the bride) are SO excited and have a million things swimming through your head. “Okay I need to get my makeup and hair done,” “where were those candles that needed to go on the tables,” “oh Aunt Kay just texted me and said she’s gonna be late,” “I hope Ben is starting to get ready” “I hope they’re setting up the flowers like we discussed” The list goes on and on.
This is the time to delegate! You don’t need to be worrying about decorations and details while you are spending precious time with your bridesmaids getting ready. So here are three things you can ask your MOH to do on your wedding day!
1. She can re-assure you that everything is going great. I remember my own maid of honor being in and out of the bridal suite because she was helping keep an eye on the vendors setting up. She was helping answer questions from vendors, dealing with guests arriving early and she would come back in and assure me that everything was going smoothly (even if was maybe chaotic outside.) And I remember feeling so at ease because I knew she was handling it.
2. Lead the bridal party. Oh this is a BIG one! There’s a lot that goes into being a bridesmaid too. It is a very important role and they wind up being in a lot of photos so they want to look great as well! When you have seven or eight other girls getting ready with the bride, it can get a little overwhelming. One bridesmaids dress isn’t zipping up, another bridesmaids dress is wrinkly and the steamer isn’t working, another bridesmaids hair isn’t cooperating… you get the picture. And instead of having the bridesmaids being very vocal about it, have your maid of honor be the go-to to help and settle any issues that may come up.
3. Serve as a messenger between the couple
If the bride and groom are exchanging gifts or letters on the wedding day, it is the maid of honors responsibility to be go-between to deliver the note or gift- and of course, reports back on the reaction! I also suggest having the MOH check in with the groom on how he’s feeling, encourage him letting him know the bride is excited and looks beautiful and answer any questions he may have!
4. Keep things on schedule!
The MOH should make sure she has been provided a full day timeline and keep an eye on the clock! If the bridesmaids are focused more on chatting or getting ready, gently remind them they have 10 minutes to be fully ready for pictures and make sure everyone is where they need to be on time. The wedding planner will have MANY other tasks to be in charge of that day so she will love you for helping with this!
Last but not least, make sure the bride is HAVING FUN! Get her to take a deep breath and to live in the moment. The wedding day flies by and it can easily become a blur and we don’t want that!! You’ll want to remember this day for the rest of your life.
I hope this helps give a few guidelines to assign your Maid of Honor to take a little stress off of you for the big day.

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